Security - Your Information is Safe with Us

We are as concerned about your security as you are. That's why we developed the site with security in mind every step of the way. Using advanced data securing procedures and government–grade encryption methods, you can trust that your information is as secure as we would want our own to be.

Don't keep it all in one place

Many large privacy leaks result from companies keeping all their customer information in one place. We stem this problem by segregating your personal information across several databases. No one location can be used to completely identify you. Imagine a safe that requires five keys, where each key is hidden in a different location.

Always use strong encryption

Your information is stored in our highly secured servers using NSA–level encryption. This keeps unauthorized users from making any sense of your data.

Exchange information through a secure tunnel

All the information you send or receive passes through an encrypted Secure Socket Layer (SSL) tunnel. This prevents any eavesdroppers from spying on your personal information in transit.